In The Beginning There Were Proverbs and Wisdom

In the beginning there were Proverbs and Wisdom. That's all that was needed. Then man discovered food and other diversions. We need to return to our roots and seek wisdom.

The path to wisdom is through knowledge and understanding.

Knowledge and understanding are taught in The Book Of Proverbs in The Bible.

This blog will take a verse or two from The Book Of Proverbs and try to bring the lesson(s) into a modern day setting.

The Book Of Proverbs contains 31 chapters. An exercise that will lead to Wisdom is to study one chapter a day, corresponding to the date of the month. On the fourth day of the month, you would study Chapter 4 of The Book Of Proverbs. On the 20th day of the month, you would study Chapter 20 of The Book Of Proverbs.

From experience, I have found that it is much easier to focus on one, two or three verses for that particular day, rather than twenty or thirty verses. That is the approach this blog will take - one to three verses per day will be analyzed.

Join me daily as we work toward gaining wisdom through the knowledge and understanding offered in the timeless Book Of Proverbs.


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